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Marcia Weber Art Objects is a gallery devoted to self-taught art including contemporary folk art and outsider art. It is filled with rare and one-of-a-kind works that can be viewed as the visual counterpart to jazz or blues music. A special focus for this gallery is art by artists who at first did not know they were creating art. Their works and creative methods often are shaped by available found materials and isolated life styles placing them outside the mainstream of American Fine Art. These artists' creative impulses are natural, without academic training. Inspired by their unique life experiences, and at times rural environments, they share memories, dreams and visions in their art.
Many gallery artists have Alabama connections and have works in prominent collections and museums worldwide including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the American Folk Art Museum.
This informal gallery near Montgomery, Alabama is open anytime by appointment and is filled with more 1000 works by many artists. Numerous, large exhibits have been presented by this gallery in New York, Chicago and Atlanta for twenty-five years. Purchased artworks are shipped promptly worldwide.
Marcia Weber has enjoyed a close relationship with many artists in this field while actively preserving, documenting and collecting their art for more than forty years.


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