Interdepartmental Communication Secrets To Improve Collaboration

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How well do you communicate with your co-workers? Do you feel like it’s hard to communicate and collaborate with other departments, or that they don’t want to work together? This article helps you understand what interdepartmental collaboration means, how it affects your company, and how you can improve the collaboration between departments in your workplace, so everyone can succeed.

Why Is Good Collaboration Important?

Your success largely depends on how well you can work with people and teams outside your department. At its core, collaboration is about communication. When you communicate effectively and build relationships with others, great things can happen. 

Failure Due to Poor Communication

It’s a common problem: top-down, siloed management structures break down when needing to collaborate. When departmental leaders don’t see eye to eye or have conflicting goals and priorities, things can go wrong. If staff members and leaders can't effectively communicate with each other, projects may suffer from late delivery or low performance. Many companies hire consultants or take action on internal programs to improve communications across department lines.

Use Strategies to Foster Collaboration

Improve collaboration and communication by holding regularly scheduled meetings with various departments within your company. These meetings help keep everyone up to date and allow you to work out problems before they become issues. If you don’t want to schedule regular meetings, consider ad hoc meetings.

Tools such as Slack and Zoom can make it easier for team members to communicate with one another. These tools are used in professional settings because they simplify meetings, discussions, and digital collaboration with ease. It’s easy for workers who aren't near each other to work together seamlessly. 

To keep management or staff in the loop, initiate regular reporting. Use an online PDF editor tool to keep track of documents, graphics, or charts needed for a report in a single PDF file. You can also use this tool to insert pages to a PDF online for free.

Create an Open and Trusting Environment

When collaboration occurs only by force, employees become resistant and resentful, and tensions grow. Prevent negative outcomes by creating an open environment where people feel free to talk. Ensure your office space encourages easy interaction between people who work in different areas of your company. For example, create an area where anyone can sit and chat.

A crucial step in improving cross-department collaboration is strengthening your team’s relationships by building trust. Use icebreakers, group exercises, and other team exercises to break down barriers and reveal one another’s personalities beyond what they present at work. These relationship-building exercises are effective when performed in a fun, casual environment and facilitated by someone outside your department.

Ask your team members to be open and honest with each other. Don’t shut down ideas because you don't like them. Encourage more openness and honesty by being transparent — let everyone know what you need from them.

Efficiently Achieve Goals

Interdepartmental collaboration is vital for creating a successful organization. Without it, departments fail to support one another and achieve their goals in the most efficient way.

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